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I’ll start if I may with a brief history of the Rognoni family in Australia.My father immigrated to Sydney in 1956 from the Italian Alps in the region of Lombardy and worked a variety of jobs from labouring, sugar cane cutter and settling down as a bricklayer.He met my mother in 1960 and I was born 1961. Suffering an asthma attack my father relocated to the hills of Toowoomba.

I grew up with a strong Italian community in Toowoomba being an integral part of the Italian Club with close relations amongst the Greeks and other Europeans. My generation assimilated with the broader community and our ties waned.To give you an idea what it was like growing up in the 60s & 70s there are 2 relevant movies. For my father it was “They’re a weird mob” and for me “Wogboy”. Both captured what it was like for our generations.My father told me at an early age I have choices with my life. I can let the name calling control me OR I can turn it around. I accepted the name WOG (Western Originated Gentleman) and adapted the image to my entire working and private life.

Over the years I have built my brand (My Family Name) to a level where it is worth more than material goods. With that in mind is why my family and I decided to open WOGGIES. We believe Toowoomba is lacking a Family Restaurant aimed at providing a fair product for a fair price and makes everyone feel welcome.

Our menu reflects what Australians have grown to accept as Italian due mainly to the national chains. What we want to do is embrace the Australian WOG and introduce them to the Rognoni WOG foods I grew up with.
 Meats were a luxury to my father during the war and a delicacy to me growing up. I was brought up on Fresh vegetable and products such as salami, cheese, breads, etc.
 I spent a lot of time around Texas and St. George where I was introduced to game meats and the different ways of cooking them. When you come and dine with us we will give you a little taste of what I enjoyed in my youth. My family and I hope you enjoy.

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